gender (plural genders)

  1. (grammar): A division of nouns and pronouns (and sometimes of other parts of speech), such as masculine, feminine, neuter or common.
  2. A division between classes or kinds. E.g., the common gender.
  3. The collection of behavioural characteristics associated with one’s sex; condition of being masculine, feminine or androgynous.
  4. (euphemistically, or to avoid confusion with sex in the sense of sexual relations) Sex (male or female).

6 letters in word "gender": D E E G N R.

Anagrams of gender:

Words found within gender:

de dee deen deer den dene dere dern dree dreg ed edge edger ee een eger en end ender ene eng er ere ered erg ern erne erned ged gee geed gen gene genre gere gerne gree greed green gren ne ned nee need neg nerd re red rede ree reed reen reg ren rend

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